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Putting Patients First

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Gentle, Specific Care

Chiropractic is the practice of maintaining spinal health and removing interference from the nervous system. The nervous system, as defined by Gray’s Anatomy, controls and coordinates every system in the body. These systems include the digestive system, reproductive system, respiratory system, immune system, among others. Specific, gentle chiropractic adjustments remove that interference so your body will function at its optimum potential. When the nerves allow the brain and the body to communicate freely, the body is able to work as it was designed.

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A Happier, Healthier You

Chiropractic care is a completely natural, drug-free way to keep your body healthy and functioning optimally. It’s safe, and good for all people of any age and health situation, but it has some particular benefits for pregnant mothers. Regular chiropractic adjustments can help ensure a healthier and more pleasant pregnancy, labor, and birth. Dr. Malkiel is specifically trained in a special adjusting technique called the Webster Technique for pregnant women.

Prenatal patients seek care for: 
- back pain relief
- ease pregnancy symptoms
- maintain healthy immune system
- better pelvic alignment
- help with baby's positioning 
- shorten labor
- easier birth process



Quality Care for the Whole Family

Chiropractic care is ‘tailored’ to the individual and their particular spine, and children are no exception. We offer specific, gentle adjustments appropriate to the infant and child’s spine. Spinal adjustments for infants and young children involve very light fingertip pressure to correct spinal misalignments. This amount of “force” is often not more than a finger touch. This is usually sufficient to restore mobility to spinal joints which have become locked and are causing interference to the normal nervous system function. 

Many common childhood ailments will respond to this safe, natural form of health care. Common childhood disorders can also be linked with spinal dysfunction, these include:
    -  recurrent ear infections 
    -  persistent sore throats and colds 
    -  colic/reflux 
    -  asthma 
    -  scoliosis 
    -  headaches 
    -  bedwetting and/or constipation 
    -  growing pains 
    -  ADHD 



What to Expect

At your first appointment we'll take an in depth look at your medical history and perform exams to examine your current health status. We'll test your range of motion, look at your posture, complete a neuroTHERMAL scan, and more. This thermal scan can show areas in the spine with neurological interference. 

On your second visit, Dr. Jenny Malkiel and you will go over your report of findings and care plan. Above is an example of the neuroTHERMAL scan over three progress exams. 

From there, you will be adjusted at your own personal frequency. Dr. Malkiel may assign you a physical therapy regimen through PhysiApp and use the Theragun massage gun during appointments. 

Don't be overwhelmed by chiropractic care! You're welcome to come at your own pace. Dr. Malkiel is here to support you in any way possible! The goal of chiropractic care is to get you feeling great so you're able to be on wellness care. Wellness visits are typically every 4-6 weeks, or whenever you feel like you need an adjustment. We're fine tuning your body, so you can function at your optimal potential!

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